Friday, February 09, 2007

Are writers that cheap, and Dan's Dastangoi

How cheap can writers get? Or, rather, be?

Read the following from the back of beyonds where writers are considered cheap. Some days back a man from Coimbatore would phone me persistently to do articles and he would pay something like Rs 100 an article.

I would say, "Go away cheapo, do you know what you are talking about?"

I will GIVE YOU about 100 articles to each of these sites (to start
with) *Please read the following carefully:* This job, to begin with can be EITHER
full-time OR part-timeI am interested in building a relationship with
someone. Please tell me your hourly rate. I will most likely choose the
CHEAPEST person..

Writers of the world unite and don't let this Cheapo get you down!

I am covering the Kala Ghoda festival on my own as my request for covering it for the official blog fell on, um, deaf ears. I am attending Dan Hussein's Dastangoi performance today, and, yes, I have brought my camera along.So watch out for Dan performing the Dastangoi right here.

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