Sunday, February 11, 2007

Caferati Night at Kala Ghoda

Now what have I missed about Kala Ghoda festival now that it is over? Yes the caferati night. It was full of poets and writers who needed to win. My God, what talent! Aiyyo, as my south Indian friends would say. You must see it to believe it.

Especially at the first Poetry Slam organizied by Caferati. A few rants, nevertheless. There were a few glitches like the moderator himself arriving half an hour late (after asking all of us to come at 6 p.m.). And his computer failed to start up for the announcement of the winners of the SMS, graphic fiction, and flash fiction contests. Anyway, these things happen.

But it was enjoyable on the whole, gives one a good feeling to see so much talent. Met a lot of people, was recognized (by Rujuta Paradkar, thanks Rujuta, much honor indeed), met Dan again, this time in his usual attire of glasses on his head (I do that too!). That's a cool look, glasses on the head, isn't it?

Former boss Anil Siqueira turned up and so did Archhana, Ravi and Maya. Met Jane Bhandari who won India's first Poetry Slam. Congrats, Jane! Rohinton won the second prize and I forget the name of the third ranker. Shiladitya won a lot of prizes and he is a guy to watch out for. "I am not a people person," he confesses.
Oh, yes, Suniti, Arjun, Indira, Hemant were there. So were Peter, Manisha, Ranjit, Arundhati and Sampoorna. Oh, what talent in such a small space of the David Sassoon Library garden.

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