Thursday, August 24, 2006

Want to eat a chicken roll at Hitler's Cross?

This seems too awkward for words. But a restaurant opened up close to my home named Hitler's Cross. It seemed they didn't get a better name to attract customers, so decided on the Nazi who killed six million innocent Jews. Coming shortly after Guenter Grass's addmission that he was a member of the Waffen-SS, Hitler's elite fighting force that was declared a criminal organization at the Nuremberg Nazi Trials, this set my grey cells thinking.

Our own Salman Rushdie defended Grass's disclosure. Yes, after all, why not, a  man has a right to repent, whatever his station in life. Opportune, as it might seem, it comes before the release of Grass's wartime memoirs, and may be a publicity stunt, who knows. The more notorious the book, the more people would want to read it.

Outrage apart, I see a lot of Hitlet's Hitler's (I keep mistyping his name) autobiography selling at pavement bookstalls. Is it the resurgence of Facism, considering that Rushdie called Islamic terrorists as Islamofascists?

Am recovering from an infection and flu or some sort, so am a bit weak and groggy. May be, I am being hazy in my own thinking. Blame it on the weather, will you please?

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