Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Going a bit easy on the raves and rants!

Hey, am going a bit easy on the r and r, meaning raves and rants. Some rest and recuperation (r and r!) required on sundry health issues. Came down with a heavy bout of, don't-know-what viral fever (that's what the doctor says when he prescribes antibiotics). Headaches, body pains, partial hearing loss on left ear (ringing sound), drowsiness, disorientation, the works. Going deaf?

The mouth feels like a meadow full of dry grass, and the ear is ringing like a hundred orchestras playing at the same - simultaneously. Am full of morose thoughts that wouldn't quality for even a personal blog. Fervently praying that I would get over it soon. Job offers are coming, coming, coming, but don't know how I will go to work somewhere in Andheri, in the state I am. Glad I quit the job, as their being 24x7 made them assume that I was 12x7. Yes, I was practically working 12x7.

It's tough work, these BPOs I mean. I wasn't working in one but I could see them through the glass partition. The pressure to perform was clearly visible, and the average age was quite low, around the twenties. What hope do the generation of today hold if they are made to work like this, I ask.
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Alankrita said...

GWS- get well soon!!

John said...

Hi Alankrita,

Thanks a ton:) I am already feeling better.



gautami tripathy said...

Have tulsi chai! Best cure for viral fever!