Sunday, August 13, 2006

Global Warming, hem, haw, what is that?

This BBC video proves what I have been suspecting for long. There is a strong anti-environment lobby that is holding up the Bush presidency. Now it happens that his chief of staff Andrew Card is a former industry lobbyist.

George Bush is not even aware that global warming is a man made phenomenon, according to this video. His cabinet is staffed by former business executives, and his campaign funds came from business that would oppose cutting down on carbon emission. This report alleges that Bush officials edited reports about the dire consequences of global warming, and even stopped funding global warming studies being conducted by NASA. This when the US is responsible for emitting one-fourth of the world's carbon emission.

The video contains graphic footage of melting Arctic icecaps, and how companies are stripping the Appalachian mountains naked for coal. Also read this post about how global warming is advancing weather changes in the Asian continent.
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