Friday, August 25, 2006

Jane Bhandari is a poet who lives in Bombay and writes, edits, and lives poetry (after she was widowed and children are happily settled). I would like to live like her, alway full of vim and zest, and read ans write poetry as she is doing. Originally she hails from the Lake Districts where William Wordsworth lived and wrote poetry. I wrote her recently, on the group mailing address of Caferati, how proud we are to have someone from the Lake District in our midst.


You had Wordsworth rammed down your throat? Exactly the same in our schools. We had to know "Daffodils" by heart or we were failed in English class.

By the way, Wordsworth's grandson also named William Wordsworth was principal of the Elphinston College in Bombay, and was himself a poet. He was present as an observer when the Indian National Congress was founded by Allan Octavio Hume.

Now we have someone who lived in the Lake District writing poetry in our midst.

Who will contradict me when I say that the world is a small village?


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