Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blocked thoughts (due to a blocked blog domain!)

Blogspot is blocked again. I don’t know for what reason. I feel so frustrated not being able to see my blog. But here I am posting again – through alternate means – though the domain is blocked.

The other day I saw a familiar sight on television that had not yet registered as unique to India. I mean, I had seen it so many times, and had become so predictable that it didn’t even register as unique in my mind. There were men and women, quite noisily protesting something.

They were protesting outside a police station. Caught on television cameras, their stories unfolded. A family of five was slaughtered and the police had passed it off as a suicide case, apparently one in which the father and mother make a pact to kill their children and themselves.

But the crowd was protesting that it isn’t suicide and, on the contrary, it was a murder. What made them think so? Because law and order in the locality was deteriorating and they were genuinely concerned.

I have seen such incidents and it makes me worried. Do the common people have to resort to demonstrations to demand enquiries about disappearing people, murders, and kidnappings?
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