Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feedback, ideas, not welcome!

“If you have written us to share feedback, ideas or suggestions then you will not normally receive a response but we do appreciate and value any and all comments, alerts and suggestions.”

These words on the website of a popular website that monitors blogs is rather perplexing or so I think.

First of all I had written to them because they asked for ideas for ways in which I can work with them to increase visits to my blog. And then comes this big let down. What impression do I, forget me, any visitor, get? I feel so small amidst such gargantuan rudeness, yes, rudeness it is.

Aren’t customers kings anymore? Or have they been suddenly relegated to pauperdom, thanks to technology. Oh, for those halcyon days when attentive salesmen would explain to me the pros and cons of a certain fabric, and what would look good on me. Now, I walk into a designer cloth store, and am looked at as if I am an intruder.

I am sure the website has outsourced customer support to BPO in India, China or the Philippines where hundreds of executives answer standard, clich├ęd, and boredom-inducing technical enquiries, but have, sadly, blocked feedback from a discerning person, who uses their services, i.e., me. Read my short story about customer support in the BPO realm.
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