Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rainy day blues!

Every time it rains I write something nostalgic about the rain. But here’s a poem I wrote which is rather dark and somber, coming as it does after the bomb blasts. Also blogspot block has been withdrawn, after noisy protests by bloggers.

Just now I chatted with a friend who, according to the message on her Google Talk messaging system is “In a bad mood.”

I asked why.

She says, “Not in the mood to go into it right now.”

I say, “Tell me when you are in a good mood.”

She says, “Yes, I will.”

But then who remembers when one is in a good mood, what the “bad mood” phase was all about. Moods and phases are, I guess, temporary, to be mulled over, and dismissed as such. Just know this: it soon passes. Then you wonder what all the fuss was about. Really.

The hills around New Bombay, especially around Belapur (where I stay) are green. Nothing to inspire me to write poetry about, but it feels nice to see a carpet of green all around.
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junoesque said...

well and truly said ...

small and simple yet such a significant truth..


John said...

Hi Juno,

Thanks! Considering the person I was talking to was you:) So next time don't be too upset when things aren't go too well. It will pass.