Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bombay, Mumbai, whatever, traumatized!

What was shocking about yesterday's bomb explosions in trains in Bombay was that the authorities showed their apathy again. I thought they would have improved after the series blasts that occurred in 1992. A pitiable sight on television yesterday was members of the public carrying the injured in bedsheets to private vehicles. I thought they must have set up an emergency disaster handling system by now.

But no, the police commissioner said it occurred in a train, so, he was helpless and the onus was with the railways. The railways, ill-equipped as they are must have passed the buck right back. So when these uniformed gentlemen were playing a merry game of passing the parcel, it was the public that came to the help of the injured. Where were the local politicians, representatives of the people? Were they representatives only in name?

Meanwhile private organizations and individuals are doing all they can to help. Peter Griffin runs the mumbaihelp blog that gives names of dead/injured and also helpful telephone numbers and places to be contacted for blood donations/bloodbanks. You can see a list of the injured here.
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