Monday, July 24, 2006

Oh Jerusalem!

I get these rather sickening emails stating that the Hebzolla killed two Israeli soldier and they declared war on Lebanon. And terrorists killed two hundred innocent civilians in Bombay and the government is doing nothing.

Well, India isn’t Israel though the first letters are identical. Israel has a strong lobby working unceasingly in the US garnering support from politicians in power, and from the public. I had read about the creation of Israel in Larry Collins’s and Dominique Lapierre’s “Oh Jerusalem” and remember reading the way the Israelis, when pushed to a corner went ahead and garnered support for their cause.

It was, I think, Golda Meir who went to the US and warned the affluent Jewish citizens of that country about the critical state their homeland was in. She was rather curt and pointed in her warning. “Give us help, or you forget about ever coming back to your motherland,” she is supposed to have said.

Know any Indian who could do that in the US of A? I am told that Indians constitute the highest earning minority group in the US. Anybody who can tap into their support, the way Golda Meir did?
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