Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Chuddy" is official!

A friend tells me that “chuddy” is official now. The Indian word for underwear has been accepted by the venerable Oxford English Dictionary, much to the chagrin of English purists of the old empire, and its doughty hangers-on.

Come to think of it, a “chuddy” is a “chuddy” in most Indian languages. In Malayalam it has been corrupted to “chatti” but the meaning still remains the same. Ditto in Hindi, Marathi, and, for that matter, most Indian languages I know.

So, hey, we can now make fun of the pot-bellied man in the striped or checked “chuddy” without breaking the rules of propah English.  Um, sorry, “propah” isn’t proper English yet. But do have patience.

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