Friday, July 28, 2006

The gorier the better? Is it?

“The horrors no sooner settle into a corner of my mind when a whole new set begins,” doesn’t seem like a nice quote to begin a blog post. But these words of a fellow member of an online forum - Kristin Williams - reflect the reality we all are grappling with.

No sooner has an atrocity or terrorist act against a people been perpetrated than something erupts elsewhere. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afganistan, Kuwait, Iraq, India, Sri Lanka, and then back to Beirut, I may have got the sequence wrong, sorry. Or, is it that ever since CNN brought the Kuwait and Iraq wars to the drawing rooms has there been a groundswell of humane feelings towards the sufferers of atrocity, sort, of armchair sympathizing? Now we can see real John Rambos and in action!

The problem with live coverage on television is that it is so expensive and so gory. And channels, I think, make an attempt to show the darker side of riots, wars, and terror acts. The gorier, the better, they think. But, I guess, they are achieving the opposite judging by Kristin’s words.
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