Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bombs go off in Bombay!

I am writing this directly on to my blog, so please do not nit pick a few spelling errors here and there. Ahem. Bombs went off at five places in Bombay just a few hours ago. Many are dead. My brother-in-law was in one of the trains. Luckily, he was in the first class compartment in the rear, while the first class compartment in the front got blown away. He said he saw it happen. The bodies, the confusion, according to him was terrible.

Wonder why all these have to happen to a peaceful city where people worshipped success and money more than anything else. Last week saw unprecedented floods due to a heavy deluge and most parts of the city was under water. Then came a riot where many shops and vehicles were vandalized. Now this! Is there an end to religious bigotry and fundamentalism? These questions cannot be answered by me, there aren't any easy answers. Meanwhile all we can do is pray for the families of those affected.

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