Saturday, June 03, 2006

A "Tum Tum" is a "Tuk Tuk"

It’s called a “Rick” in Bombay,
It’s called a “Tum Tum” in Pune,
It’s called a “Tuk Tuk” in Bangkok,
It’s called a “Rickshaw” in Delhi,
It’s called a “Trishaw” in Singapore.

All onomatopoeic avatars of our good old rickshaw. We call it "Rick" in Bombay because of the state they are in, i.e., rickety. What’s it called in your town? Would appreciate if you leave a message, dear reader!


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Chrysallis said...

Hey John,
I like this post! Very very different from what we otherwise get to read here.

The southies (popularly known as the madrasis) in my colony do the "Aaaato" version. Quite a shreak in the ear!

I prefer going with the "rickshaw", though!

And about me packing my bags...
All I can say is, you will know soon! :)

And about the listings? That's something I'll leave for you (with love).