Friday, June 02, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do!

To promote the movie Break-up starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugh, beer manufacturer Budweiser has announced a national Break-up Day and put up a website by the same name. Droll, isn’t it? But not surprising since one in every three first marriages in the US will end within ten years.

That apart, another website has come up with the best break-up songs and another provides links to the best break-up videos.

Seems breaking-up is the butt of jokes in the US of A the country that gave us the dictum “Marry in a hurry and repent at leisure.” Has anyone thought how people who break-up would be feeling?

I guess no!


Chrysallis said...

Similar trends are setting in our own country as well, John. Especially with the star society.
And it's really okay, if one marriage fails to try again! And if "two" was like "one", then try another one...LOL

John said...

Hi Ulri,

But I am told in sermons that love is all about "sacrifice" and "forgiveness" and seeing that most marital problems start with silly things like "who will do this" and "who will do that" and stuff like that I wonder whether the man woman relationship needs a redefinition from the times of Adam and Eve.

I may sound sexist, but women are increasing demanding more from their men, and men are consistently failing.

Or am I wrong or something? Correct me.