Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some Gyan (Zen) forThis Weekend!

According to my friend, the famous adman Gangadharan (we were in primary school together), "zen" is actually "gyan" which was actually corrupted to "chan" by the Chinese and since the Japanese can't pronounce "ch" velly well, they transcreated it into "zen." So as one who poses as a "zenwriter" besides being "Johnwriter" here's a few gyan for this weekend to you all beautiful people, well, er, um, am working today (Sunday), so count me out.

Considering that all age-old wisdom or "gyan" originated from India and traveled past the Himalayas into China and then to Japan, I guess the Japanese have the Indians to thank for their present prosperity. Oh, well, Indians ideate the best "gyan" and then pass them on to others to implement. Wasn't the "zero" our creation? Well, then everything should come to naught and we must, rather unluckily, be content with "shoonya" or "zero."

Just yesterday I saw a beautiful power point presentation about how we should keep our egos out of our professional lives. The gist is we bring a lot of emotion into our professional lives and everything becomes a tangle of feelings, hurts, innuendoes, miscommunications, unintended slights, and feelings of victimization. In short, we do react with the heart, that is, we are emotional rather than cerebral.

So that's "zen" for today from your "zenwriter." "Don't be emotional in your work, rather be cerebral."

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