Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CP Surendran's "An Iron Harvest"

I am reading friend CP Surendran’s novel "An Iron Harvest.” The prose is brilliant, poetic and the story is based on a true incident about the mysterious disappearance of Rajan, an activist, during the Emergency of the 1970s.

Che Guevera manqué John, CP Surendran’s protagonist, belongs to the “Red Earth” an extremist organization that kills evil landlords. CP, that’s what I call him, excels in poetic description of Kerala and its ethos.

What shines through the brilliant imagery and perspicuous research is the deft execution of this debut novel, biased as I may be, which is a must read. Pick up "An Iron Harvest.” even if it is at the cost of the next binge at the neighborhood pub.

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