Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fratricide and now drug overdose. What’s happening, anyone?

So a leading political party’s leading politician’s son is facing arrest on drug charges, and his father’s erstwhile secretary was the fixer. What’s so disturbing about it now that the politician is dead – killed by his own brother? Nothing, except that the politician himself was not much of a saint. Neither was his secretary who is now dead of an overdose of drugs and champagne, which he snorted in the company of his dead boss’s son.

There were allegations made against the politician (he was considered prime minister material, imagine!) of complicity in the murder of a journalist. He was a minister at that time and refused to quit. Skeletons are falling fast and furious from his cupboard. Power, murder, drugs, champagne, what a deadly mix!

What a sad state for a political party that talked so much of nationalism and nationalistic pride to be in this murky situation. As someone said things are getting more and more murkier. The party had come to power with promises of good governance and to put an end to the rough methods of previous regimes. Goes to prove that they weren’t any different, and were even more depraved than the previous ones. The reason being that they probably knew the party wouldn’t last long and wanted to make the proverbial hay while the sun shone.


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