Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ways of saying "How are you?"

There are umpteen ways of saying “How are you?” in Indian languages and equally enigmatic replies you can expect. Amazed? Here are a few:

Entha vishesham? (What is special? – Malayalam)
Sukhamthanne (I am fine)

Kasa kay? (How and what? – Marathi)
Chalalay ahe (It’s going on)

Kem cho? (How are things? – Gujarati)
Maja ma (I am in fun (maja) [A Gujarati always says he is having fun])

Kemo nacho? (How are things? – Bengali)
Bhalo aschi (Things are fine)

Kaisa hai? (How are things? – Hindi)
Theek hai (Things are good)

Eppidi irukka (How are things? – Tamil)
Nalla irukka (Things are good)

Want to add some more to this list? Do indulge!


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