Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Manna for Internet writers!

All ye writers for the Internet (self included) this article by Mark Bernstein is like manna from heaven. Read it, digest it, ponder over it, and see how you can imbue it into your writing. Will be useful for blog writers as well. Well, the link is courtesy Soeb Fatehi.


Jon Aristides said...

Hi John. Personally, I don't think people like reading online very much. In fact, it is my theory that the art of reading itself, is being reduced to a series of easily comprehensible sound bytes. Sounds pessimistic?

John said...

Hi Jon,

It does sound pessimistic for a writer like us. Since you point it out, I had had a lingering suspicion that this was already happening. Most publishers now want showy prose and do not care for elaborately created plots and situations.

Influence of the fast cut cinematic medium?