Wednesday, May 01, 2013

How Age Changes People: We Remain the Same Despite Age

Since we mentioned our friends from school days, here are some of them (from left): Vishwanath (Sarasa's elder brother), Sarasa, Gangadharan Menon, Geeta and we, ourselves!
Yes, age does change people. Wrinkles start appearing, teeth drop off, bone structure changes, hairs thin, well, we become old. The strange thing is we aren't aware how time passes so quickly and a decade, and another, and another, pass so fast.

This must be something these four sisters also wondered about, which prompted them to photograph themselves every year since 1975 to today (See photographs here.). (We were in college then and roughly our ages correspond.) We hope they are still alive and doing fine.

So what do you think, reader? Man is a strange creature we must say. We try to keep the changes from showing but it does, show, we mean. 

We are a part of our school group (in our fifties) which still meets once every two, or, three months. We see the outwardly changes time has wrought on us, but inside, we talk, behave, laugh, joke, just the same as we were in Adarsha Vidyalaya, Chembur, Bombay. It was then a small school in a nondescript suburb of Bombay and we were children, and, still, we are children. Only, the world sees us as adults, and with them we try to behave as adults. Despite what behavioural scientists would have us believe, we never change. We remain short tempered, mean, venal, miserly, bullying, as we were, all our lives.

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