Monday, May 06, 2013

IPLT20: A Review

We are watching the horrendous IPLT20, perforce, as we have nothing else to do. We didn't know a gentlemen's game could descend to such depths of triteness. There's so much distraction that we can't concentrate on the game anymore.

Guess it's that guy Srinivasan who did it. Yes, he did. There is something Rajnikant-ish in all that crap that goes on on screen. Why those comments on screen when a shot is played? Is it necessary? Let the discerning audience judge for themselves. We have been a big critic of cheer girls, and we reiterate here the tawdryness of their actions. Problem is they don't understand the game and look quite lost, after all, they are Russians or from some obscure country like Azerbaijan. 

To think that seasoned campaigners and lovers of the game like Gavaskar and Kapil Dev would subject themselves to the "Giligiligili" refrain is a shame. What do they think? They can add respectability to the comments by making them so trivial? And that Sardar, it's high time he is restrained. Will no one come forward? He dominates, no, rather, hijacks the whole show with his boring witticisms.

Oh, then, there is the interview with the player as he is playing. Can you imagine? Who in the world spoke to a player when he is in the field in football, tennis, basketball, any game for that matter. A player's attention should be on the game not on some distracting questions. Yesterday Robin Uthappa was saying: "back home the ball comes up to the bat, here the ball doesn't," or something such. Now, reader, judge how profound that can be.

If, for whatever reasons, this IPL is considering itself smart and entertaining, think again. It's become so boring we could die of boredom.

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