Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Isn't Narendra Modi Being Indicted? Were We Always Corrupt?

The past few days have been overtly ones of introspection for us. The continuing saga of reportage on rapes has upset one. So, it seems, rapes had been happening all around us and we weren't knowing about it till now. Why aren't the lawkeepers as efficient when dealing with gender violence? Then the resurgence of "Narendra Modi as prime minister" bogey has also been haunting us. Narendra Modi has accepted that he may have made a mistake then why isn't the mistake proven?

See this article in Times of India which states:

And, in what seemed a reply to his critics on the Godhra riots of 2002, he said people would forgive the "mistakes" of a government if it served them well.

So he accepts having made a mistake. How else can he make such a statement. The world knows what the mistake is, we know, the government knows, the investigators know. So why isn't he being indicted, why are investigators being so shy of filing charges against him?

Then there are these charges of corruption against the railway minister and the law minister which makes us hang our heads in shame.

We will deal with the railway minister first. We have been a rampant user of the railways from our childhood to travel to Kerala, our native place, and have seen cockroaches and mice in them and thought, they are a good and cheap network and doing a good job. After all, didn't we rejoice when our wait-listed ticket become Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)? Didn't we sit at the computer trying to get that all-important Tatkal ticket? 

God! Now to think that to get a promotion to the Railway Board certain managers are ready to pay 10 crores! That means the bribes they receive when on those jobs would be thousands of times that amount! God! That is just unthinkable about our railway, the carriages we use on a daily basis. It can't be. It can't be. So the money that should have been used to eliminate cockroaches and other pets are going into someone's (a rail babu's) pocket. Unbelievable!

Then the law minister. What could be more preposterous than thinking a law minister can err this way. A body such as the CBI (India's FBI) is supposed to be autonomous and above board when interference is concerned. This (the Coal Allocation Controversy) means this body can be manipulated according to the wishes of the government in power. O tempora o mores! Were we always so corrupt?

Anyway, we are off to Kerala for a week (Yes our wait-listed ticket has become RAC.), so this blog won't be very regular in the coming few days. Hope, you kind readers, will bear with us.

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