Monday, May 27, 2013

Visit to Kerala

It was a short visit to "native place" a.k.a. Kerala, the state where we were born. We have this habit of visiting this native state during summer when the state is going through a heat wave and coming back with our impressions of what has changed and how life has inexorably taken a new step into the void.

First of all, it was hot. It was really hot as hell. No second thoughts about it. Our room in our brother-in-law's (our host's) well-appointed house had air-conditioning, but we preferred not to switch it on. We dislike air-conditioning. Instead we preferred to laze in the Bombay Fornicator (a type of chair) in the verandah and see the birds and bees. Don't get us wrong. We just did that. 

We have experienced a life beyond the ordinary. Our brother-in-law (Babychayan) has an organic farm and the legumes, bitter gourd, raw bananas, etc. were heavenly. The well water tasted great. The weather was a bit sticky but could we ask for more? It's not in our genes to be ungrateful. It made our afflictions disappear, well, sort of.  We also had walks in the courtyard and did our Yoga regularly. So, we can say with confidence that we enjoyed the general feeling of well being.

On the political front Kerala is still debating with old issues ad infinitum. An airport which was to come near our house (would have been a walk to our house from there) is still lost in paperwork. The congress committee chief was offered a seat as minister but preferred not to take it, out of pique, or whatever, we don't know. He wanted to be deputy to the chief minister. But then the others were jealous. Yeah, jealousy is such a big factor in politics, isn't it? So he is still the congress chief,

The Cochin Metro is making progress but doesn't link to Cochin airport. Then what's the use? Metros should always link to the airport, so we feel. Otherwise how can the people with petro-dollars wheel in their strolleys to their "native place"?

The people are bitchy and sarcastic as usual. Tourism is doing well. We waved to some firangs on the way to Thekkady and they waved back. Oh, yes, we went to Thekkady Tiger Reserve, but didn't see any tigers, which may have been snoozing considering it was afternoon. We didn't see any elephants also as there were forms to be filled up and the waiting time was two hours (typical, isn't it?). But we took some excellent pictures on the way, which are here. Yes, we saw a lot of simians who jumped at us, probably angry because of our cameras and our focusing on them.

It was a good trip, one we would like to cherish in the cockles of our heart, for all the days to come.

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