Friday, April 26, 2013

Saudi Deports Fashion Photographer as Being Too Handsome

Saudi Arabia recently deported a man, a fashion photographer, they thought as being "too handsome." Hehe. So what's too handsome? See it for yourself here. However, one thing Saudi men must remember is that the repression they afford to their women is to blame for the lack of faith. Wait a minute, hold on, we are just coming to the point.

Yeh, the guy is handsome, agreed. Lips like the young John Travolta's, eyebrows like Brooke Shields', eyes, like, well, Brad Pitts'. Women (and men, too) go by well-worn cliches when evaluating men. Ahem.

Our mind goes to the time we were working in Saudi. We had a young chap working as a labourer in our project (the lowest class of employee, if we may call it that), rather goodlooking by Indian standards. We were taken aback when we heard his story. He had worked as a driver of a prominent business family and went through a harrowing time, being used as a sex object by the women of the big-shot's harem (Yes, sexual exploitation happens both ways.). Eventually, when he couldn't take it anymore he ran away from there to work as a normal labourer in our project, on a pittance as salary.

So, of course, the Saudi men's concern is well founded. If you are too handsome don't travel to Saudi Arabia, or, do something to make yourself look ugly. Hehehe!

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