Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zimbabwe Faces a Change Management Problem

For those who are familiar with behavioral theory, Change Management is something dealt with in the hallowed precinct of glass facades and chrome meeting rooms. It deals with how an organisation can change from traditional dhoti-kurta type accounting to modern accounting. (At least, that's my guess:)

Not so in Zimbabwe because since the African country switched to the US Dollar as its currency (yes, the article claims 5 countries around the world use US Dollar as their currency) it has been facing a number of Change Management problems, yes, of the loose change kind. Reason? US loose change is very heavy and therefore the country finds it expensive to import.

So what's the solution? Since a western neighbour has a reputation of printing fake currency bills, maybe, Zimbabwe can outsource the Change Management problem to them. No malice intended to anyone. Just saying.

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