Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday, Day of Absolute Calm and Renunciation

Sunday is a day of rest for me. I toil all six days, so Sundays come as a welcome break: to laze in bed, read, practise the guitar. (I am into chord progression and it gets very frustrating when I can't get the chords right. However, my teacher is kind and understanding.) It's the time I keep aside for myself. Or, my worry would be that I not had any time for myself. How long can you live for others, including immediate family.

It is said in the Bible that on six days God created earth and sea and all that we see and on the seventh day he rested. Rest the most essential thing in all our lives. Remember even God rested. The Jews honour Sabath and do nothing on that day. No wonder they rule the world. However, I don't know why people run around like headless chicken on this day of rest. I have seen people doing hundred avoidable things on Sundays. Come on people, take your rest, relax, shore up for the coming week. You need to take it easy. Nothing will happen if you take a snooze in the afternoon.

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