Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pulitzer Fiction Award Not to Be Given This Year?

The Pulitzer board has decided not to award the Pulitzer fiction award this year.

The action comes days after the Department of Justice announced that it is suing five big US publishers and Apple for conspiring to increase prices of e-books. It alleges that Amazon which has a monopoly in the e-books market is hogging the space with cheaply e-books priced at around $ 9. The five big publishers wanted to break this monopoly.

The big five publishers along with Apple conspired to increase prices to around $ 14 which would come as a windfall profit for the embattled publishing industry. E-books sell in millions and obviously the profit margins would be huge.

Obviously, the writers whose books were shortlisted are crestfallen. They can't understand why this award should elude them after they have worked so hard over their novels.

Hm. Love's labour lost?

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