Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jeet's Album STD Launching in Bombay and Delhi. His Novel Launched. Does Jeet Ever Sleep?

What's better than launching a book and one's own music album? Yeah, that's what's happening to Jeet Thayil. His novel Narcopolis has just been launched to rave reviews. (Here's Palash Krishna Mehrotra's review of Narcopolis in The Sunday Guardian.)  I would consider launching of a book, a hectic enough activity. However not so for Jeet. And to top it, obviously, the hyper-kinetic and perambulatory Jeet and his musical partner Suman Sridhar are launching their debut album STD in Delhi and Bombay.

Man, what a schedule. This day and age is all about energy and movement. I know. It's about being clued in all the time and in all the places. No jet lag, is it? You have to show your face in too many events, too many occasions and perform as expected, always. Does Jeet (Jeet meaning victory) every sleep these days? A book tour and an album tour can be exhausting, isn't it?

I am trying my best to be there at Blue Frog when STD launches on Thursday (26/4/2012). Come, bring your friends. I have seen him perform at Kala Ghoda and attended a workshop he conducted on turning poetry into music. I assure you it won't be a disappointed.

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David Raphael Israel said...

John, if I'm not mistaken, Jeet was giving that workshop next door (more or less) to my English ghazal workshop :-)

John P Matthew said...

David, the workshop was at the National Gallery of Modern Art. I don't know if you had conducted your workshop there. memory is hazy, you see. How have you been?