Monday, March 26, 2012

Your Weight Increase Might Be Dehydration, Keep Yourself Hydrated!

Having problems with fluid retention, something I think I have been facing for a long time. I used to like carbonated drinks and would wait to feel thirsty to drink liquid. The result was that I used to feel bloated with the slightest intake of water. Then I started reading about fluid retention, water intake and related subjects. I  found that there was a lot of misconceptions about drinking water. I had assumed that drinking water was causing the retention, and therefore the bloating. How wrong we are sometimes! 

However, to my shock and disbelief, the opposite is true. Drinking less water leads to bloating as the self-sustaining system in the body retains water when it is dehydrated. People who are overweight also think water is leading to all the weight increase. Not true! People who are overweight should increase water intake as fat accrues more with dehydration. And most important of all, all the craving for food is not actually hunger, it's dehydration. And, consumers of wine and alcohol, here's another truth: the craving for a drink is also dehydration. Also don't wait to be thirsty before drinking water, take small amounts throughout the day, that will keep the supply regular and constant.

Here's to a rehydrated you. 

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