Monday, March 05, 2012

How $ 28 Billion Disappeared in Bill's and Bono's Health Control Effort

And you thought all these aid and welfare programs funded by the original marauders of intellectual property were spent well? It turns out that not at all. The $ 28 billion fund to fight Aids, malaria and tuberculosis (funded by no less than Bill Gates and Bono) in African nations have been misappropriated through fancy "training programs", improbably "travel vouchers", non-existent "housing" bills, combined with shoddy bookkeeping according to this article in Daily Mail

Sounds familiar?

Yeah, you might say. That's nothing, you might add, we have bigger scamsters back home. We are used to it all. We have raised misappropriation into an art. Ask our ministers and a certain bearded gentleman who needs toilet paper worth Rs 400 to clean the poop of Commonwealth Game participants. Is their poop so expensive, just saying. They know the art of swindling. According to lore one man got a grant to dig a well, never dug it, and when the authorities came to check said he had leveled the well due to mosquito problems. Haha! Almost everyman in this country is looking to be a president or chairman of some leader-less ennui-filled society or trust to misappropriate from it. We don't value public property, so we treat it with contempt.

Okay, okay will stop ranting. However, what gets my goat is that in countries such as Djibouti, Mali, Mauritania and Zambia where malnutrition and hunger is such an issue how come such large funds disappeared without a trace.

Better not talk about the Indian programs to controls Aids, turberculosis and malaria.  

Anyone thought about dropping those 28 billion dollars in the most acutely affected areas by helicopter? I think that would be the most viable idea to reach funds to the poor, and some tinpot African despot will read about it on this blog (high hopes!) someday and, implement it, and lo and behold! be called the "Saviour of the people." Hehe. Joking.

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