Monday, March 12, 2012

The Swiss Don't Want 42 Days Paid Leave: What? You Mad?

Ah, if only it were in India. It says here that the Swiss people voted "no" to a referendum that would have given them six weeks of leave a year. Here most employees, the hard-workers with their nose nicely ground to paste against the millstone (around their necks!) would be lucky to get twenty days. Six weeks would be 42 days. God! More than twice that in India! And we work 48 hours or more a week.

It also says that the Swiss have referendum on issues on more than 1,00,000 citizens feel strongly about. Why not have it here in India? We have not elected representatives and left them to their own devices to do as they please. We should vote on issues we feel strongly about.

I will write to the prime minister on this. And there's this cliched thing that all journalists use (which I will use for this nonce): watch this space!

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