Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arundhati Roy on Failed Trickle-down Capitalism. And Yes, Ghosts, too!

Here's Arundhati Roy's world view compressed and encapsulated in an article in Outlook titled "Capitalism: A Ghost Story". A commendable effort. The article might have been triggered by her visit to Antilla the 27-story home of India's richest Indian - Mukesh Ambani. (Antilla is also the most expensive residence of any living person in the world.) I have not seen it yet, but I suspect I will faint whenever, if ever I set my eyes on it. Because only a kilometre from it are the cages of  Kamatipura, probably the world's worst centre of human trafficking. If I am invited into Antilla's hallowed portals, I guess I will have a heart attack. Come on, do invite me, come on!

Rumour has it that the first couple and family doesn't stay in this huge pad of their's because of bad Vastu (traditional architectural concepts) and ghosts. In my own meagre house I get a queasy feeling when wifey and Ronnie are away. So our fears become ghosts lurking in the shadows behind expensive curtains, in deserted guest rooms. Why even car parks are spooky these days.

As she says trickle-down capitalism has failed. How are India's 10 per cent holding all the wealth while people are dying of hunger in the interiors? Well, that's a question nobody is asking because we all are beneficiaries of the capitalist make-believe. We all profit from it one way or the other, even Arundhati does. However, must admit her guts in exposing the very system she may even be part of. Let's remember the hungry millions when we gorge on those expensive tarts and chocolate fudges.

Here's to Arundhati Roy's versatile pen and its vitriolic ink!

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