Saturday, March 17, 2012

"A Thousand Dildos for the Military Wives," Says Who?

So, hm, how do we say this? There were times when cyber sex was that furtive thing you did in an Internet chat room. Two chatters would get cosy and would type "follow me" and create a chat room of their own to exchange sweet nothings (or was it only sweet nothings?). We don't know. We have only heard that it was so. Most of those who did it considered it as a harmless activity, a mere timepass, as we call it here.

Now it so happens that a porn company in the U.S. wants to sell the U.S. military dildos (sex tools, sex toys). What they want to do is revolutionary, just short of the sexual revolution of the sixties and seventies, which we, poor folks, saw in passing but never fully experienced. Yeah, we were the underprivileged scruffy ones. We might even have had dandruff and halitosis, which must be why girls avoided us. Again, we don't know.

Here's the modus operandi described in this article "A Thousand Dildos for the Military Wives" in PC Magazine. The wife would sit in New York or Oregon and press a lever which would send electronic impulses to the macho military man husband in Eye-raq (Iraq) or Aafgaeen (Afganistan) who would experience it all by inserting (you know what) into a lubricated dildo. For military wives working in these countries it would be the other way around. Follow?


The fun part is that the porn company wants sell the dildos directly to the military and not to the sex-starved military man in the war trenches. And there is no possibility of rapes in these wars. (Aside: in wars of earlier ages the soldiers were given 3 days after victory to do as they please. So sex was a part of the agenda for winning.) As if the right-wing conservatives (who as such disapprove of abortion) would allow that. But then it could also act as a birth-control thingy, these dildos, maaeeen. So out goes the sex dolls and in comes the dildos. That's the second sexual revolution in a world that increasingly doesn't know what real "sex" is all about, what with the modern liberated women being so choosy in matters of "sex".

Again, we confess, we don't know.

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