Monday, February 06, 2012

Sales of Skin Whitening Creams Have Outstripped Coca Cola and Tea

It says here that sales of skin whitening creams have outstripped sale of Coca Cola and tea in India. It also says that the market grew at 18 per cent and will touch 25 per cent growth this year. I don't know where this will end.

There's nothing more for me to add, except perhaps a few things. Ahem! Every beauty product company has a whitening cream in the market these days. There are creams for men (Fair and Handsome). In Kerala people stand in queues to buy "Fair and Lovely" cream, since the stock gets depleted fast. I once heard a mother advising another mother, "buy her some 'Fair and Lovely' cream." This is also the land where people queue up patiently early in the morning to buy liquor. 

Are we living in some make believe world?

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