Saturday, February 18, 2012

Has Your Blogger URL Changed from .com to .in?

I had noticed but dismissed it as one of Googles many quirks (they are quirky aren't they?) when Google changed my blog's URL from to Have you noticed?

But as quirks go, the curiosity got the better of me and when I saw this article in mashable, I knew why. Realisation hit the right place, ergo this blogpost. I guess it is because Google can administer blogs countrywise and if anything objectionable is posted, can delete it. 

Hm, so Internet censoring is here to stay. How sad! Expletive deleted. The party is over guys, now's the time for the painful hangover. Pass on the Alka Seltzer, or better still drink some milk (popular myth: milk is supposed to wipe away the hangover). I don't drink anymore, doctor advised me not to. He says my liver is weak because I drank. Come on, one beer a week is not drinking, tell me all your tests failed instead, doc. I know of Mallu friends who down a quarter litre of alcohol in one sitting and they drink as if they just walked into an oasis from a 50-degree-centigrade-in-the-shade Saharan desert. That's drinking!

Aside over. Above is the picture I did on Paint of the domain change. Just check if your domain changed too. Also, before I forget, don't ignore the fact that your content is being watched.

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bihar said...

Matthew sir, I am seeing .com here. Which part of India are in?

John P Matthew said...

I am in Bombay. Don't know maybe they have different URLs for different countries.