Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Being Red-faced about a Red Convention

What when the only achievement you consider and console yourself about turns out to be a dud. No, I won't disclose the details but, nevertheless, my feelings must be expressed.

Or, should it be? Okay, I will let it be. I will unburden another time on this blog.

The newspapers are so full of election stories. In Kerala two Communist parties are slugging it out. A leader of the Communist Party of India (CPI) called the CPI(M) national convention as "Event Management." And CPI (M) took umbrage. Not little umbrage, but lot, lot of umbrage.


But "event management" it was. Can you believe the following? You should, as these are stray observations of what I saw on television:

1. Red was splattered everywhere in the city, the flags, the dresses of the volunteers.
2. Even Brinda Karat wore a saree with a red border.
3. The delegates were given bags that were red.
4. The delegates were given a drink (syrup?) that was also red.
5. The huge arches were, naturally red.

So what's it to be red-faced about? If this this isn't event management, what is?

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