Thursday, February 03, 2011

Woo Hoo! Read This!

Woo Hoo! Read this!

"In short according to their site, Oxigen is an IT enabled transaction and payment processing platform for electronic delivery of prepaid and transaction/payment management services in a seamlessly networked environment through a rapidly expanding retail network."

This is from Microsoft's own blog.

I used to write like this. I still do. That's because people in corporations want us to write like that. I have my reservations about writing - a bit breathless isn't it - of this sort. Look at the genius of it: so many clauses and sub clauses, so many unchewable words, so many unexpressed concepts, so many ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas!

It's writing such as this (mea culpa!) that defeats the purpose of writing. I can't help because if I write plainly they say you are too simple, too direct. Right now I am in a stage where I am tired and sick of this kind writing.

What say? Why don't we teach creative writing - compulsorily - in the management institutes?

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ms said...

hi john, corporations want their material written in this style, so that their client never understands what their products are supposed to deliver. in the book "what colour is your parachute?" there is a chapter which deals with writing professional CVs. words are put into 3 lists and before any noun in your CV (experience,goals,initiative,work ethics etc etc), you put a word each from list A, list B or list C. the result is impressive!