Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Once upon a Time on the Internet - Scamsters Wrote More

Guess Internet scamsters have become lazy. See! Once upon a time they used to be more detailed and creative about stories about their minister grandfathers who left them fortunes that they needed to transfer into my account because they were feeling generous, and all. They sent me the briefest of brief emails, given below:




(Lazy, lazy, lazy!)

For them I have the following observations:

You don't think I am that gullible and naive to fall for your tricks.Do you? (Especially since I fell for your

So, you thought by being brief and pithy you can hide your grammatical and syntax errors which made you stand out like an Everest among hills? Please, please write a few words so that we know you are doing some work and that you aren't as dumb as we think.

Do you think the internet is such a fake medium for you to scam everyone with your shady offers? Go, get a life.

Even if one in a thousand fell for your Mountebank offers, you know snake oil, and all, I don't think you will be able to sleep well at night after what you have done.I mean any night.

So can you (considering I am broke) send me 500 million pounds - which you promise me - without any advances from me?

I know "greed is good" as Gordon Gekko said once upon a time, but I didn't know it was this good and this simple, really!

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