Thursday, February 24, 2011

Police State, Are We?

Common people in India do not tangle with the police because they know what happens. Makes me wonder if we have graduated from a police-thanedar culture into something more advanced. In the US it's the same, i.e., no better. There they call them "thugs in uniform" about which this story will vouch.

The Indian situation is complicated by the interference of the legislative and executive arms of the government. True, if you are in trouble a member of legislative assembly or a political leader can surely ensure your release. However in this instance, the contact with a political leader didn't work.Twenty-three persons were arrested and detained without giving a proper reason for their incarceration in Bombay. And, it turns out, they weren't the guilty party, but the hotel was. It transpires that the hotel didn't have the necessary permit to serve liquor.

And while on the subject what about the much tom-tom-ed police reforms.

Link courtesy Annie Zaidi's blog.

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