Monday, February 21, 2011

Space Seller Are You Kidding?

The job involves media buying. It's a dicey business because space seller executives lie about their circulation and rates all the time. It's amazing what they will do to fudge figures.

- Mr. John (Yeah, I am Mr. John!), the rate for full page is Rs 1,80,000 but we give you ad for Rs 45,000.

- Wow! That's a 75 per cent discount. What's your circulation?

- 2,50,000 copies.

- So a page in your magazine will cost me Rs 45,000 divided by 2,50,000 (the number of copies) right? That is 18 paise.

- Yes.

- So, a ream of paper costs Rs 1500 these days. So one sheet of paper of 16 pages cost Rs 3 (since a ream has 500 sheets). So a page costs Rs 3 divided by 16, right. That is 18 paise right?

- Yes.

- So you are telling me you will take our advertisement for 18 paise and publish it on paper costing 18 paise. What about your salary? What about printing costs? What about distribution costs?

- No idea, sir.

- Then get Id** (Oops! I almost said this).

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