Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lacking in Simple Manners, Did You Say?

Is this some breakdown in manners or what? Consider the following two instances:

First: Yesterday as I was standing in queue for a first-class railway pass at Belapur station, a man insinuated himself into the queue saying he wanted a first class pass. I told him I am also waiting for a first class pass and that he should come after me. Usually, a person when he realises he is mistaken apologises or raises his eyebrow and waits.

But he wasn't willing to do both and still inserted his hand into the booking window before me. Goodness, what bad manners! The result was a shouting match between me and the twerp. I think some people aren't willing to admit they are mistaken and aren't willing to say a simple sorry. Duh!

Second: A man is leaning his weight on me in train. I can feel the pressure of his body on me and I am slightly off balance. Then the train lurches and I am thrown off balance and my glass flies off and I almost topple on the man nearby. Here also there is an unbelievable lack of manners. He doesn't apologise and tries to defend himself with: "You are standing as if you are in a public garden, you will topple, no?"

Gah! What's the matter with people? Or, is it me? No, I don't think it is me. I guess it is our propensity to justify our wrongs, a pathological need to prove that we can never be wrong. Where will this lead us? Aren't we well advised on basic manners by our peers and our seniors. I can understand a temporary lack of manners, but this is almost general, all pervasive.

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