Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shobhaa De about Reality Shows

Here's our own Shobhaa De ranting about "Big Boss" and other reality shows. Among others she deals with Pamela Anderson's assets, woops, unique selling propositions. I like Shobhaa's writing, they are contemporary, reflect immediate urban angst, and she is quick on the uptake. She is like the Shakespeare of our morbid times. Well, um, in a manner of speaking.
I am not a big fan of reality shows, but have a passing interest in it as Ronnie is a big fan. I would rather watch Bachchan in Kaun Banega Crorepati (A rip off of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Bachchan has charm, presence of mind and to my mind he is the only star who has maintained his looks despite his age.). So it's no wonder that reality shows are actually unreal shows with manipulated results.
Are reality shows a passing phase in entertainment? I look forward to telling my grandchildren "There used to be um reality shows, once upon a time." There's another show called "Emotional Athyachar" which plumbs the very depths of human behavior. No, I won't tell this to my grandchildren. Really it is an emotional assault of the senses besides being the staple viewing of underdeveloped and ill-nourished minds. I would be grateful if more people migrated to online and the net. At least, there's greater variety there.
Or, am I being biased?

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