Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leh Needs Help!

Sometimes, sometimes, we think we are the only people with problems. Well, we think wrong. And, that happens all too often. Our problems override other considerations, we can't think beyond our own vexations. When we see a small dampness on our wall we scurry to get them repaired and corrected, but we don't think of people whose homes have been washed away by the rage of the rain gods. This year has been particularly bad. We had floods in most parts of India. It makes me apprehensive to think what the next year could hold. Worse, perhaps.

Got this link via Annie Zaidi's blog and it shows how the people of Leh are fighting to restore their lives after a cloudburst, one of many it seems. They live in camps because their homes are no more and the worst affected are children, who will ultimately suffer the repercussions of what we conceive in our greed and lust. In here there's no repentance only a crude justice handed out by nature. We can't repent for our sins to nature and be absolved. Nature's anger will never be assuaged.

So contribute to the NGOs that are helping the homeless and dispossessed of one of the highest areas in the world.

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