Friday, November 12, 2010

No, This Country Can’t Produce an Obama

Obama has come and gone and as Amit Verma says in this article this country will never produce an Obama. Firstly, we are too racist and casteist to let an Obama rise up the ladder of power. I read a cartoon in a magazine wherein a politician – one of those typical white-khadi-wearing-platitude-spouting-farty types – says, something like, "What? Our country is going to be free, fair, and merit-based, then I see great danger for our future generations."

He means his generations. The hypocrite, the cheat, the liar, the vulgarian. Nothing personal, this to the cartoon character, okay, so chill.

So what's the Obama charisma? A man who wakes up at five a.m. in the morning for a walk has my admiration all right. Did anybody notice the athletic young man – the most powerful in the world? If he had come at an earlier stage in my life I would have imitated him through and through. If I have to imitate him now, I will have to grow some black hair.

Jokes apart.

For a black man to be the president of the most powerful nation in the world is not a joke. Yeah, not a joke. If you think of the heavy odds, he has done the impossible. You can think of all the snubs, wrinkling of the nose, the innuendos, the veiled threats he must have endured and still managed to hold his head high. Man, that guy has guts.

Salaam Obama!

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