Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA Final Today

So it's the finals today. FIFA I mean. Searched vainly for some restaurant or bar where I could watch the match, nice rhyme there. Problem is I fall asleep if I watch at home. In a restaurant I am alert and watching not only the match but the batch, those show offs, who show more than they have the guts to admit they can show. Hehe. Figure that one for me, please. Thing is I am in a ranting mood. But all tickets are over-priced. So I am not going. Wonder why we think even a football match has to be seen by the industry captains and those having ill-gotten stuff. Have sports too become the preserve of the rich and decadent? Can't a guy who slogs all week have a break and watch a little football, huh?

Nevah mind.

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chhaya said...

Hey! John...sure.. guys who slog all week can have a break and watch a little football together...u could invite ur buddies over to ur place n create an atmosphere like a club...provided they r not too tired to whip up a similar electrifying frenzy……if not anything else the ruckus and noise will make sure u don’t fall asleep.