Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arsonism: Issue 1 Fall 2008: pirated poetry anthology by Stephen Mclaughlin & Jim Carpenter

I got this from friend and fellow versifier Arjun Chandramohan Bali's blog. He mentions that his name has been featured along with the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Langston Hughes in Arsonism: Issue 1 Fall 2008: pirated poetry antholgy by Stephen Mclaughlin & Jim Carpenter, but that he hadn't contributed any poem to this anthology. On a search I find that my name too is featured in the list with the likes of Pablo Neruda, T.S. Eliot, and John Keats without my permission and without my having contributed to the anthology.
At least, feels good to be featured with these famous poets. Have I arrived? No, critics would shout themselves hoarse. But who cares for critics? Hat tips: Arjun C. Bali.

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