Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vote for Me as Chief Blogger of Royal Challengers

Just for the heck of it I am bidding to be Chief, um, Executive, sorry, Blogger of Royal Challengers. Well one has to blow ones trumpet in blogosphere, you know. Here's where you can vote for me, or, better still, write a recommendation, for the pleasure my blog has given you. Here's where you can vote for me on the Royal Challengers' website.

Given as I am not a great fan of test cricket, or, the one-day variety, however, I admire the 20-20 format because the results are instantaneous and consume less of my time. If I bag the role, I can take a week off and bring you the matches RC plays with a lot of background scenarios, which I am rather well-known for.

Ah, then, how shall I say it, here's my blog post, hm, about me overtaking Amitabh's multi-crore blog both in authority and ranking.

Indiblogger has ranked me 82/100 in blogosphere and in Google Page Rank I am 4/10.

So why not go here just now and vote for me. John Matthew Blog Zindabad!

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ms said...

hi john
tried to register my vote on the RCB fan site but found their registration form daunting (a nickname for RCB? phone numbers etc.). so i have sent an email to the rcb address. hope it reaches the correct people. all the best. will try again, though! who said one has to be an expert to comment about cricket? we comment on every subject under the sun and are not even god - yet. just say it as you see it, warts and all.