Saturday, February 27, 2010

One-day Cricket Match Near Me

Today's one-day cricket match is at Wankhede, Bombai, and I am sitting here from where I can see the stadium through the window. That close. I have never seen a live cricket match, seen the excitement, the hype and hoopla of it, the fans going crazily fanatical, the scores ticking, the fortunes made and lost, the careers made and relinquished. So I wonder, really wonder, what it's all about. Why the country is going crazy like spectators in the Roman coliseum, why are they hollering like raving lunatics, what are the stakes of the people whose fortunes are made and broken in stadiums? All this happening within earshot, within walkable distance. Can't believe it? I can't.

All this and more, I would like to witness - poor man - who has faced rejection as blogger of an IPL team. The problem was: all friends who visited the site of Royal Challengers to vote for me were technically challenged and didn't know how to vote. Dang. Even then I had a few votes. Amen, to that. Hallelujah!

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